September 2023 Customer Letter

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Dear Upper Thompson Sanitation District Customer:

Over the past several years, Upper Thompson Sanitation District has been planning and designing a new water reclamation facility. Our current facility has served the Estes Valley for over 50 years and is approaching the end of its useful life. New critical infrastructure is needed to ensure compliance with tightening federal water quality standards and allow us to continue to serve as reliable stewards of our environment, protecting the headwaters of the Big Thompson River and maintaining a high quality of life for the Estes Valley.

In preparation for this transformational project, we are determining the total cost as we work closely with funding agencies and finalize permitting and design. As we all know, costs are increasing across the US while industries are struggling with workforce shortages and material and supply chain issues. To this end, we are in the process of value engineering the design to strive for lower costs. Hard decisions are being made to reduce the scope of the project without sacrificing quality, sustainability, and affordability now and in the future.

To meet this challenge while continuing to provide our customers with the exceptional service they are accustomed to, the District will likely be required to raise rates to fund construction of the new water reclamation facility allowing the District to prepare for the future and comply with increasingly stringent water quality standards.

A rate study has been underway to ensure our ongoing ability to serve our community and environment. Based on initial findings, it is expected that the District will need to increase customer rates in the coming years. As residents ourselves, we share this cost and are committed to being responsible custodians of our critical infrastructure.

The Upper Thompson Sanitation District Board of Directors will be considering customer rates for 2024 and beyond in upcoming meetings. The District will provide 30-day notice of the rate discussions on the website and in the transparency notice posted on the SDA website under the transparency notice tab.

We want to hear from you! There are several ways to connect with Upper Thompson Sanitation District, ask questions and share feedback:

  • Attend UTSD Board Meetings: The Board of Directors will likely discuss upcoming rate changes in their November 21 and December 19 regular meetings. We welcome your participation in these public meetings.
  • Call Upper Thompson Sanitation District: Our friendly staff enjoy speaking with customers, answering your questions, and knowing your thoughts. Please give us a call at (970) 586-4544.
  • Visit Us: Please feel free to stop by the District and chat with us when you are in the neighborhood. We offer tours of our current facility, so please give us a call to schedule one!

The past three years have caused economic burdens on many families. If you are in need of financial assistance for water services, the Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program is available through the Colorado Department of Human Services LEAP Office.

For over 50 years, we have been committed to taking care of Estes Park, and this critical infrastructure will allow us to continue to do so. You count on us to keep your wastewater sanitation system operating efficiently, our waterways clean, our wildlife healthy, and our environment pristine. We are proud to take these important steps to ensure high quality and cost-effective service well into the future and are grateful for your continued support.

Please give us a call at 970-586-4544 if you have any questions or concerns.


Chris Bieker
District Manager
Upper Thompson Sanitation District