Board of Directors

The Board implements the direction and establishes the structure of the District and strategically plans for the future. The board members hold the District accountable on behalf of the community and demand a high standard of wastewater collection and treatment service. Additionally, the board members must work alongside other various community leaders and boards to meet common community goals. The Board is tasked with governance and has the authority to manage, control, and supervise all business affairs of the District. It is important our community know who is serving the District in a governance role because the Directors are also leaders in the community. At Upper Thompson Sanitation District our goal is to nurture a culture of participation and continuing education and we encourage the community to attend our board meetings, tour the facilities, and familiarize themselves with your local asset.

Board meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month at
4:00 p.m. at 2196 Mall Road in Estes Park. Please join us!

Jack Reed


Jack has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and a 36-year electric utility background, retiring in 2000 as Vice President of Operations from First Energy's Pennsylvania Power operating company. He and his wife, Jacquelyn, moved to Estes Park in 2003.

Jack says, "Although my background was primarily in the electric utility field, all public service utilities share the same challenges".

For UTSD, these include:

  • Operating and maintaining an expensive, complex, and continuously aging plant and collection system infrastructure,
  • Planning for additions and modifications to that infrastructure to be in a position to both serve a growing customer base and meet the requirements of an ever-changing regulatory environment in the most economically feasible manner,
  • Establishing a long-term financial plan to fund timely implementation of plant and collection system infrastructure additions and modifications, while providing safe, reliable customer service at the lowest possible cost,
  • Hiring, developing, and retaining a highly competent staff/workforce, and providing that workforce with the training, tools, and support they need to accomplish the required work. This allows UTSD to offer efficient, cost-effective wastewater collection and treatment services to the Estes Valley.

Kent Bosch

Vice Chairman/Assistant Secretary/Treasurer

Kent holds a Bachelor of Science degree in history and education and a Juris Doctor degree. Kent's professional career was with the FBI serving as a special agent, legal advisor, technical advisor, and fitness advisor. He moved to Estes Park in 2003 and has served on the UTSD board of directors since 2012. Kent currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Colorado Special District Association.

Ronald I Duell

Vice Chairman/Assistant Secretary/Treasurer

Sue Doylen


Having over 6 decades of connections to, and 40 years as a resident in, Estes Park, it has been my honor to continue service to my community as a member of the Upper Thompson Sanitation District Board of Directors.

Self-employed for 35 years I utilized my experience, problem-solving skills, work ethic, creativity, and knowledge in service to the community. Along the way, I gained valuable knowledge about many aspects of life, business, and organizations unique to Estes Park. Concurrently I used that knowledge in service to the community on a variety of appointed and elected boards, in addition to raising a family.

Serving as Planning Commission Member, Town Board Trustee and Mayor Pro-Tem, Estes Valley Fire Protection District President, Estes Park Housing Authority Chair, Convention and Visitors Bureau Policy Advisory Board Chair, has allowed me to give back to the community that has given our family so much.

Married to Dan Doylen, we have 2 daughters who were both born and educated in Estes Park and 5 wonderful grandchildren.

Greg Cenac


Greg has strong ties to the Estes Valley with four successive generations of family members living and actively involved in the community since the late ’60s. Greg holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering (ME) and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) with a focus in Finance. Greg has been a property owner in Estes Valley since 2001.

After Greg’s 34-year professional career in various domestic and international positions within top Fortune 20 companies, Greg and his family took up permanent residency in the Estes Valley in 2010. Greg currently owns and operates both a capital equipment company focused on the reduction of Green House Gas emissions, and multiple employee service companies that monitor and optimize oil and gas production sites.

Greg has been married to Cecelia Cenac for 31 years and is blessed with 2 children, Gregory and Annette, both graduates of Estes Park High School.