Client Responsibilities


With your help, we protect and treat our most precious resource in the Estes Valley, our water. Please familiarize yourself with the following customer responsibilities so, together, we can prevent sewer service disruptions and costly repairs and maintenance of our sensitive system.


  • The customer is responsible for their own private service line, from the house to the point of connection on the District’s sewer system.
  • Connecting sump pumps, gutters, foundation drains, and/or storm drains to your service line is prohibited.
  • A customer experiencing sewer problems inside the home or service line should contact a plumber.
  • Completion of private service line repair or replacement work is the responsibility of the customer. The District must be notified of, inspect, and approve service line work.
  • Customers should always strive to be sewerwise. Sewer backups are inconvenient and costly, and there are many steps a home or business owner can take to reduce the likelihood of sewer problems:
    • Your sewer line is not a garbage can! Non-flushables can not only wreak havoc on your private service line, but they also cause problems in the District’s sewer mains and water treatment plant.
    • Be mindful of where trees and shrubs are planted, because roots tend to grow into sewer lines and can cause recurring problems.
    • Call 811 for utility locates before digging or planting!•Building decks, patios, and decorative landscaping over service lines can make it difficult to access the service line should repairs or maintenance be necessary.
    • If you have outside cleanouts on your sewer line, ensure they always remain visible and accessible.

Sewer Lateral Installation and Ownership

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Details of what not to flush