Election Results

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The judges' unofficial abstract of votes for the Upper Thompson Sanitation District is available.

For the regular election held for Upper Thompson Sanitation District on May 2, 2023. Ballots counted for the following candidates (numeric only):

Four-Year Term

Candidates for Four-Year Term and Vote Count

  • Susan L. Doylen: 1,421
  • Ronald Irwin Duell: 1,364
  • Gerald Paul Darmafall: 619

Second-Year Term

Candidates for Second-Year Term and Vote Count

  • Christopher Lee Eshelman: 1,608

Ballot Issue

Ballots counted for and against each ballot issue or ballot question as follows (numeric only):

Without imposing any new tax or increasing any tax rate, shall the Upper Thompson Santitation District be authorized to collect, retain and spend all revenues and other funds received from any and all sources, including grants and donations, for all lawful purposes (including, but not limited to, offsetting costs associated with wastewater infrastructure improvements and replacement), commencing in 2023, and in each year thereafter, as a voter approved revenue change and exception to the limits which would otherwise apply under Article X, Section 20 of the Colorado constitution or any other law?

Yes: 1,623
No: 423

Dates this 2nd day of May, 2023.